Kenneth W. Wachter

Professor of Demography and Statistics, Emeritus
University of California, Berkeley

Office: 300 Social Sciences Building, Berkeley, California 94720-2120
Phone 510-642-9800; Fax 510-643-8558
Electronic Mail: kenwachter at berkeley dot edu

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Ken continues as Professor of the Graduate School at UCB and Editorial Board Member for the journal PNAS.

A Working Paper from 1985 on ``Homeostasis in Prehistory'' with relevance to recent coalescent studies of human population bottlenecks in the mid-Pleistocene has been converted to PDF for posting here.

A paper coauthored with Josh Goldstein and Tom Cassidy on a demographic aspect of COVID vaccination priorities appeared online in PNAS on 25 February 2021, an early posting for the 16 March 2021 issue.

An illustrated history of the ``Mansion House'', also known as ``Hillcrest'', at 19 Barclay Street, Saugerties, New York by Evelyn Sidman Wachter, written and copyrighted in 1996, is posted here.