Kenneth W. Wachter

Professor of Demography and Statistics, Emeritus
University of California, Berkeley

Office: 2232 Piedmont Avenue, Berkeley, California 94720-2120
Phone 510-642-9800; Fax 510-643-8558
Electronic Mail: kenwachter at berkeley dot edu

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Ken continues as Professor of the Graduate School at UCB and Editorial Board Member for the journal PNAS. In the face of the COVID19 pandemic, we are sheltering in our home in Berkeley, hoping that all our friends and family will be safe.

A Demography Brown Bag Zoom talk on 2 December 2020 featured an online chapter on
Genetic Evolutionary Demography .

In June 2020 a paper with David Steinsaltz and Andy Dahl appeared in the journal Genetics entitled ``On negative heritability and negative estimates of heritability''.