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We continue to mourn the death on Thursday, 26 September 2013, of our dear friend George Merriam. Miller Bugliari and Headmaster Nat Conard from the Pingry School attended a Reception for Pingry Alumni hosted by Ken Wachter at the UC Berkeley Faculty Club in January 2017. The soccer teams coached by Miller celebrated his 800th victory and 25th state championship in fall 2014. Miller came to the school first in 1941, Ken in 1958. In June 2007, Ken Wachter received the Alumni Letter-in-Life Award from Pingry and presented the Commencement Address.

A set of Memories of Old Toledo by Bessie Wachter Mandler are found in a letter written in 1954 looking back over the later 1800s and early 1900s in family life in Toledo, Ohio.

The Sidman Family History by Evelyn Sidman Wachter has been posted here in Portable Data Format. The Preface and first four chapters can also be accessed in a shorter PDF file, Chapters 1 to 4. The book and a separate copy of the index. have been processed using software for optical character recognition. Both text and index should now be searchable. Some mistranscriptions may, however, be present in these files, so not all searches will succeed. Three lines of descent from Mayflower pilgrims were approved by the Society of Mayflower Descendants: from the Howland-Tilley family, from Francis Cooke, and from Elder William Brewster. Evelyn Sidman Wachter, Mrs. John H. Wachter, died on Tuesday, 15 April 2008, at age 97. Obituaries are given here.

Ambrose, our standard poodle, born on 21 October 2001, enjoys the garden. Ambrose, our standard poodle

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