Department of Demography

University of California at Berkeley

Berkeley, California 94720-2120

Phone: 510-301-2058





Trained and experienced at applying quantitative analytical methods in various fields.Proven written and oral communication skills, as well as strong organizational ability and attention to detail.Recognized as a self-directed project developer, able to perform in varied work environments.





Ph.D., Demography, University of California at Berkeley (2004)

Dissertation: "The Demographic Foundations of Change in U.S. Households in the 20th Century"

[.pdf Dissertation Abstract] [.pdf Dissertation Full Text]

M.A., Statistics, University of California at Berkeley (2003)

Thesis: "A Statistical Time Series Analysis of a Howler Monkey Population"

[.pdf Thesis Abstract]

B.A., Economics and Mathematics, Yale University (1993)





Private Consultant, (2009 – present)

Occasional quantitative consulting provided to clients for short term projects. Past projects have involved estimating potential market size, technical writing, statistical evaluation of research experiments, and policy analyses.


Project Director, Counting Women's Work (Jan. 2014 – present)

Coordinates research teams in nine countries to estimate unpaid care and housework and disseminate research findings. • Outreach and dissemination to global academic and policy audiences.


Academic Specialist, Center for the Economics and Demography of Aging, Department of Demography, UC Berkeley (Dec. 2005 – present)

Participates in ongoing research projects and coordinates forecasting and simulation tools developed by Center researchers to facilitate the dissemination of cutting edge research. • Coordinates US research team and gloabl activities of National Transfer Accounts project.


Research Statistician, Scientific Learning, Inc., Oakland, CA (Sept. 2004 – Dec. 2005)

Designed and conducted experiments and performed statistical analyses to evaluate and enhance the impact of the company's software programs on student achievement in language and literacy. Monitored and evaluated research on educational interventions and social programs to raise awareness of the company's research in the education community.


Research Assistant, Century of Difference Project, UC Survey Research Center (Sept. 2001 – Aug. 2004)

Analyzed data on residential segregation, household, community and cultural change in the United States over the twentieth century.Project used Census aggregate- and micro-level data, large-scale survey data, and demographic microsimulation.Research has generated published papers and was compiled into a volume published by the Russell Sage Foundation in 2006.


Research Assistant, Howler Monkey Demography Research, UC Berkeley (Jan. 2002 – May 2003)

Formulated and ran statistical analyses on demographic field data on Howler Monkeys, estimating population parameters over time and how they related to environmental data on rainfall and food availability in a neotropical forest environment.Work resulted in multiple publications.


Research Assistant, Beyond Six Billion Project, UC Berkeley (Oct. 2000 – Dec. 2000)

Ran Monte Carlo simulations to estimate variability in fertility indicators, for National Research Council report "Beyond Six Billion: Forecasting the World's Population," published in 2000.


Teaching Assistant, UC Berkeley (Jan. 2000 – June 2000 and Jan. 2001 – June 2001)

Administered and taught sections of Economic Demography (description of Demography/Economics C175 on Demography Department courses page) course for 300 students.Supervised six Graduate Student Instructors and Readers.


Consulting Associate and Team Leader, Cambridge Associates, Inc., Boston, MA (March 1996 – May 1998)

Managed research, data collection and analysis and client service for institutional investment consulting clients.Managed work flow and professional development for team of six associates.


Teacher and Teacher Trainer, His Majesty's Government/U.S. Peace Corps, Nepal (Sept. 1993 – Dec. 1995)

Taught fourth and sixth grade students mathematics and English in rural Nepalese school.Trained secondary-level mathematics teachers in new mathematics curriculum.Wrote, field-tested and revised curricula for Nepalese national teacher training effort.





Advanced programming and statistical analysis ability in STATA, S-Plus and MS Excel.Competent in SAS and SPSS.Programming experience in C+.Experienced in Windows and Unix/Linux platforms.Word processing in MS Word and mathematical typesetting in Latex.

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