Kenneth W. Wachter

Professor of Demography and Statistics, Emeritus
University of California, Berkeley

Office: 2232 Piedmont Avenue, Berkeley, California 94720-2120
Phone 510-642-1578; Fax 510-643-8558
Electronic Mail: wachter at demog dot berkeley dot edu

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A talk on Genetic Load and Polygenic Scores will be presented on 27 May 2016 at the Berkeley-Stanford CEDA Conference on Genes and Complex Phenotypes.

Ken Wachter, as Professor of the Graduate School, has been serving as Graduate Advisor
in Demography and in Sociology and Demography in 2015--2016.

ESSENTIAL DEMOGRAPHIC METHODS, published by Harvard University Press, was featured in a Book Signing on 3 December 2014. Our friend Jane Hunter has published a wonderful volume called The Well-Versed Parent .